Hi! My name is Tawnie D’Angelo, and I am the GEAR UP First Year College Advisor at Western Nevada College. I can’t believe we are already in December of 2020. What a year it has been! It goes without saying that we have all faced unique challenges this year. While everyone has faced different challenges, one thing we all have in common is our resiliency. We have learned how to adapt at greater speeds than ever before. We have become innovative and forced out of our comfort zones. We have failed and tried again. The list goes on and on… Most importantly, we have shown perseverance. While we all have different circumstances, we are all in this together. I hope that as we reflect back on this year and head into holidays, we allow ourselves to rest and recharge, and give ourselves some serious props! We have been through and dealt with a lot, so I hope that we can be easy on ourselves if things didn’t turn out like we had hoped. I hope that we look back at not the trials and tribulations, but instead reflect on what we have learned and what is most important to us. I hope everyone takes some time to be present in the moment and enjoy what matters most to us over our winter breaks. Take care!