Janet StakeThis month’s blog was written by Janet Stake, Director, GEAR UP Programming & Outreach for the Nevada System of Higher Education.

This blog was written to make sure that anyone that is thinking about attending college in Nevada, is aware of the availability of a wide range of campus resources. Whether you choose to attend a large university or a small community college, one that is close to home or one that is across the state, no matter which one of the seven public colleges in Nevada you decide to attend, you should know that each of them have many and varied resources to help students succeed in college. These resources can be academic-related such as tutoring centers, writing centers, or academic advising; personal-related such as food pantries, disability resources centers, or mental health counseling; or career-related such as career centers, internships, or student on-campus employment. When you are looking at a college’s website, taking a campus tour, or speaking to a recruiter at your high school, be sure to ask or search for information about the various campus resources that are available and how to access them if needed.

On-campus centers and the staff that work there have one goal in mind and that is to serve students that need it when they need it. More than anything, your campus faculty, staff, and administration want you to be successful in your pursuit of higher education and complete your certificate or degree program. If you find yourself having difficulties and you think you might have to drop out, before you do that, please ask for help. There just might be a program or contact on campus that can assist you through a challenging time. These resources are available specifically to help you through barriers to your education. Your GEAR UP First Year College Advisor is the perfect person to explore available options and refer you to the proper assistance. It is important to remember, you are not alone. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. The first step is just recognizing that you need some help to cope with or navigate through your situation. Be sure to reach out and ask for it when the need arises.