GearUp ambassador Stephanie ContrerasHello,

I am the GEAR UP Ambassador at Great Basin College in Elko. I am from the small borderline town of West Wendover, and I moved to Elko in 2015 to pursue my education.

During this time of uncertainty, I have had to find a new form of focus within the chaos. There have been many different changes in the last month alone, affecting our daily lives. We can’t control our favorite restaurant closing, mandatory stay at home orders, colleges and universities taking classes online, or places of employment temporarily shutting down, but there are things that you have control over:



Stay positive, while this is a cliché remember the power of positive thinking. It is something that can and will improve your mood.


Your Reaction

You wake up late, you spill your coffee on your white shirt, get pulled over, all leading up to you having a bad day. The way you react can alter your mood. If you get angry after each time, something doesn’t go your way; it will take its toll on you.



Your wellness (physical & mental health) is something that only you have full control over. Looking after your health should be a priority.  How much water are you drinking? Are you exercising? How much are you moving every day? How many hours of Netflix are you going to watch? How many hours of sleep are you getting?


Set what is important

Find what is important to you. By doing this, it will bring you clarity and will reduce unnecessary stress. Deciding on what is important to you will allow you to manage your time based on what is essential.


Uncertainty is one of the most stressful feelings if you need help contact your GEAR UP Ambassador. We are here to help you, and while we won’t have all the answers, we will help you seek clarity.