Tawnie D'AngeloThis month our blog was written by Tawnie D’Angelo, First Year College Advisor at Western Nevada College.

Happy Spring! I love the subtle changes we are starting to see up here in Northern Nevada. Grass and fields are starting to turn green, trees are budding, and I am in the early stages of planning my garden. I find it to be such a nice time of year, both in my personal life and work life!  

Spring is a busy time for Nevada GEAR UP with College and Career Fairs well underway, College Campus Visits, and regularly scheduled high school outreach visits that our First Year College Advisors provide. It is also about the time that we start meeting with high school seniors to help them with registration steps to enter college this Fall!  In addition to our regular events and services that typically take place in the Spring, we are also busy with FAFSA information nights, workshops, and keeping students and parents informed of any updates. As many of you probably know, there were changes with the 2024-2025 FAFSA form. With changes came some technical delays with students being able to file the FAFSA as well as a lot of questions and unknown answers. Undoubtedly, this also caused some anxiety for students, parents, and high school and college staff due to college and scholarship deadlines that require the FAFSA to be filed by a certain date. 

Luckily, I have some good news for students who plan to utilize the Nevada Promise Scholarship! Normally, the deadline to submit the FAFSA for this scholarship is April 1st. However, the deadline has been extended to May 1st to accommodate for some of the technical issues. I am glad that this deadline has been extended and I hope it takes some stress off of students and parents. We will be working with students within the next month to help them get the FAFSA submitted and start their college journey!