Believing you can graduate from college is the first step to actually doing it.

So start now… Say out loud, “I am going to college!”


OSU Academic Success Center

This website offers helpful tips on how you could set SMART goals for yourself. This website also provides you tools such as goal-setting worksheets so that you can write them down and hold yourself accountable for your goals. By setting SMART goals, you are believing in yourself that you are going to attend college and graduate. You are one step closer to your dreams.

Vision Boards Samples on Pinterest

Create a vision board for your goals and college dreams. It is important to visualize your dreams in order to make them a reality. Creating a vision board(s) will help remind yourself everyday of the SMART goals you set for yourself. It will also motivate you to work harder towards your dreams. You can find inspiration and creative examples on Pinterest to create your first vision board

First Generation Film (2011) Official Trailer

An award-winning documentary narrated by Golden Globe nominee Blair Underwood, First Generation tells the story of four high school students – an inner city athlete, a small town waitress, a Samoan warrior dancer, and the daughter of migrant field workers – who set out to break the cycle of poverty and bring hope to their families and communities by pursuing a college education.

Watch the full-length film here.

Underwater Dreams Official Trailer

Underwater Dreams is a documentary film telling an inspirational story of how undocumented sons of Mexican immigrants built an underwater robot from Home Depot supplies. These young men defeated MIT’s engineering program. Now, they leave a legacy behind. Watch the film to see the successes of these students.

For more information on how to watch the film, click here.

Listen to Liz Murray’s story – going from homeless on the streets in New York, to Harvard. Liz Murray’s story reminds us that there are possibilities if we maintain a positive attitude and perspective on life.