So you have some ideas of what you want to do and be in the future,
and you’ve made the commitment to go to college. What’s next?

You need to stay on track now to prepare for tomorrow.
High school seniors – check out our Senior Launch Guide for helpful information for life after high school and beyond: Senior Launch Guide NV FINAL.

Tips for Navigating the High School to College Transition: Freshmen Field Guide.

How to prepare for a 4 -year program while you’re in a 2-year program: Tips for Transfers.

Big Future | College Search | Find colleges and universities by major, location, type, more.

Bigfuture – College Search Tool

Use this college search tool to find colleges and universities that fit your needs. It is important you find an institution that you can picture yourself at.

Test Preparation - The ACT Test | ACT

ACT Test Prep Resources

Use these test preparation resources to help you prepare for the ACT (the national college admissions exam).

College Planning | Extracurriculars Matter ? To You and to Colleges

Extracurricular Activities Matter — To You and To Colleges

It is important to get involved with extracurricular activities when applying to colleges because it shows them that you have acquired other skills and knowledge outside of the classroom. Don’t have a club/organization that you are interested in? Don’t worry, you can start your own! Colleges and universities are interested in what you’re passionate about and what you have learned through extracurricular activities. Get involved today!

Volunteering: How Helping Others Helps You

Bigfuture – How Volunteering Helps You

Volunteering is important because you get the opportunity to give back to the community. It also shows colleges that you value your community and you are dedicated to the organization(s). Start volunteering today at a local non-profit organization to gain valuable skills and experiences.

Find volunteer opportunities in your local area through these websites:


OSU Academic Success Center

This website offers helpful tips on how you could set SMART goals for yourself.

Vision Boards Samples on Pinterest

Creating a vision board(s) will help remind yourself everyday of the SMART goals you set for yourself.

Nevada High School Graduation Requirements

Stay on track by knowing and familiarizing yourself with the requirements for graduating high school.

College Planning – ACT Checklist

Use this checklist provided by ACT to help you stay on track.

Campus Visits: Before You Go

Visiting colleges and universities is important. Learn more about how to arrange a campus visit, and what to expect.

Campus Visit Checklist

This checklist will help ensure you are prepared for a campus visit and give you important questions to ask while you are exploring a campus.

In Nevada, there are 7 public institutions. Each school has their own designated admission requirements. Please click on the logos below to get a better understanding of what their requirements are.