Take 2 or 3 hours out of your day to sit down and study with your child.

Check your child’s grades on a regular basis

Join the school’s Parent/Teacher/Student organization/association at your child’s school (PTA/PTO/PTSO, etc.)

Always encourage your child regardless of whether they are doing well or not so well in school

Communicate with your child’s teachers and counselors. You can do this via email, phone, or face-to-face. Create a positive relationship with them to help support your child

Attend workshops offered by the school, especially on topics catered to parents.

Encourage your child to join after school activities, such after-school tutoring, sports, and clubs.

Be aware of important school events and/or deadlines for your child.

Eat breakfast with your child in the morning before they leave to school.

Discuss your child’s day at school during dinner.

Be a chaperone on school field trips/school events.

Give your opinion on an issue or topic that involves your child’s education.

Volunteer at school-hosted events.

Nevada PTA offers tips and resources for parents to get involved and make a difference in their child’s life.