GEAR UP Students Build their Way to STEM Education

On February 9, 2017, eleven GEAR UP students from Wooster High School completed their last VEX Robotics course. Despite losing the last day of the UNR Winter STEM Camp due to the winter weather, Wooster GEAR UP students still wanted to meet and finish the course.

Students started the day by having breakfast and talking about different STEM careers. After, they began working collaboratively to build their robots. Once they finished, the students were able to play with their new projects by picking up items and driving up ramps.

At the end of the day camp, students reflected on what they learned. Then, they were prompted to share a positive observation about each of their team members.

Ana Villegas, SPIF at WHS, said the Winter STEM Camp not only taught students about robotics, but about the importance of tenacity.  Villegas said, “I wanted them to learn the importance of teamwork.”

Nevada GEAR UP