3rd Annual Rural Tour – GoToCollege Traveled through Rural Nevada to Reach Out to GEAR UP Students

This past May, GoToCollege Ambassadors along with the CSN GEAR UP Ambassador had the opportunity to go on the 3rd Annual Rural Tour, a 6-day trip beginning in Las Vegas through rural towns in northern and western Nevada. GoToCollege Ambassadors had the chance to visit GEAR UP schools and present to GEAR UP students about going to college, the types of financial aid, sticker price versus net price, public colleges versus private colleges, and career exploration.

GoToCollege Ambassadors were able to share their own college experiences and how they navigated (and continue to navigate) college as first generation college students themselves. Their stories made a powerful impact on GEAR UP students. One GoToCollege Ambassador, Maria Garcia, expressed, “As a first generation student, GTC helped me through the college application process, and once I became a GTC Ambassador, I knew that I wanted to give back to students who felt the same struggles as I did.”

The annual rural tour was an overall eye-opening and life-changing experience for the GoToCollege Ambassadors. For most, it was their first time traveling to rural towns. GoToCollege Ambassador, Jaime Gonzalez, expressed, “The rural tour was overall a great experience for me. I am happy we were able to provide resources and information to help prepare GEAR UP students and other Nevadans for college. I feel that we made a positive impact during our trip and it changed my life as well.”

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