Nevada State GEAR UP Professionals Joined Together to Improve Student Achievement on January 28, 2016

The Nevada State GEAR UP Program hosted an all-day, intensive professional development for nearly 60 GEAR UP professionals on Thursday, January 28th. It was held at Nevada State College (NSC) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. GEAR UP professionals traveled from Northern and Rural Nevada to attend this professional development alongside their Southern Nevada counterparts.

During lunch, a GEAR UP alumni student panel featured former GEAR UP students who are now in college or college graduates. They spoke about their accomplishments and experiences of how the program impacted their lives as students and professionals. Feedback from past GEAR UP students will influence how professionals work with current students and increase their engagement with the program and their education.

Throughout the day, GEAR UP professionals were asked to consider, “Why do we GEAR UP?” For most, it was the intrinsic reward of helping GEAR UP students “dream, believe, and achieve” – the GEAR UP slogan. GEAR UP professionals learned strategies for effective event planning, how to improve family engagement, and strategically plan with each other. An awards ceremony concluded the day, where GEAR UP professionals received certificates for their hard work and efforts. The GEAR UP Champion of the Year Award was granted to Monika Mala, UNR GEAR UP Ambassador, for her outstanding contribution to the GEAR UP Program and the impact she has made on students’ lives.

Nevada GEAR UP